Gravesham CPRE

What is our mission?

We want to conserve the countryside for a better world

1. Campaign to defend the greenbelt, protect woodlands and hedgerows.

2. Campaign for the number of houses the government are telling GBC to build to be reduced and to highlight the impact of more houses on utilities and local services.

3. Raise public awareness of air pollution issues.

4. Campaign for all new houses in Gravesham to be zero carbon.

CPRE Gravesham branch are a part of CPRE Kent, which is part of the national campaign.

We were formed by the Chairman (Alex Hills) in January 2020.

CPRE are not against equal opportunity or providing affordable homes.  But we stongly promote the use of brown field sites in preference to green field.

While we recognise the importance of government's initiative to deal with the housing crisis, we point out that there is currently capacity to build 1.3 million homes on the existing brown field registered sites in the UK.

The problems in housing delivery has in our view been adequately demonstrated by the efforts of EDC to deliver 14,000 homes in Ebbsfleet Garden City - an effort which only produced the 2,000th home this year, 18 years after planning was originally obtained!  The problem is not in the planning system, or in land availability, but in developer lead delivery of homes.

Delivering affordable, zero carbon homes in the right place is an acceptable goal.  Parcelling out the green belt as an excess land supply in the hope it generates cheap housing is not.

We recognise the pressures Gravesham Borough Council face, but believe this does not remove their duty to protect the green belt.  We also note that by stating that the increased cost of developing brownfield sites is a valid reason for non-delivery of homes on them undermines the principle of sustainable development.

At the heart of the housing crisis is the problem of land ownership and developer lead housing supply.  Developers do not build homes for people that can't afford to buy.  And while land owners can turn a profit without delivering the planned homes, land banking will continue.  At present the governement has failed to address these issues, and is promoting plans to increase land supply by removing your input to the planning system!