Gravesham CPRE



GB105 Land at Longfield Avenue, New Barn Istead Rise 25 dwellings. On border with Longfield.
GB97 Willerby Farm, Downs Road, Istead Rise Istead Rise 10 dwellings
GB62 Land north of The Drove Way, Istead Rise Istead Rise 75 dwellings. Agricultural land. Behind what is known locally as the “Island”. 
GBS-L Rose Farm, Downs Road, Istead Rise Istead Rise 165 dwellings. Grazing land. Land behind Downs Road from School to Longwalk. 
GB07 Former Tollgate Hotel, Gravesend Istead Rise commercial. Brownfield site 
TOTAL 275 houses


GB36 Land West of Norwood Lane, Meopham (Churchways, Meopham) Meopham north 150 dwellings. Agricultural land. South side of Norwood lane. 
GB65 Land north of Steeles Lane, Meopham DA13 0QQ Meopham South 95 dwellings. Farm land behind houses south side of Meopham Green. 
GB117 Land West of Wrotham Road (Site B), Hook Green, Meopham. Meopham North 120 dwellings. Agricultural land next to Helen Alison School this is opposite the “Chinese field.” 
GB152 School Close, Hook Green, Meopham Meopham North 15 dwellings. near Huntigfield/ School Close, brown field site. (This is currently well used as a car park.) 
GBS-D Land to the south of Green Lane and east of Wrotham Road, Hook Green, Meopham Meopham North 350 dwellings. Agricultural land opposite Camer Parade boarderd by Green lane. 
GBS-E Land north of Camer Road, Hook Green, Meopham Meopham North 520 dwellings. Agricultural land. Norwood Lane to Sole Street. Opposite GB36..
GBS-G Land North of Melliker Lane, Hook Green, Meopham Meopham North 160 dwellings. Land behind New Road and the A227. 
GBS-H Land between Melliker Lane and Longfield Road, Hook Green Meopham North 180 dwellings Other side of Melliker Lane to GBS-G. This site is known locally as the “Chinese Field”.
GBS-P Land to the east and south of Lomer Farm, Wrotham Road Meopham North 115 dwellings Agricultural land behind Cricketers Drive. 
TOTAL 1705 houses


GB05 Land Adjacent to Higham Station Higham - commercial
GB147 Canal Road, Higham 10 dwellings
GBS-C Land at and adjoining Buckland Farm, Chalk Road, Higham Higham 40 dwellings. Buckland Farm Chalk Road adjoins housing which forms Green Belt boundary. 
GBS-K Land to the north, east and west of Three Crutches. Higham/Shorne, Cobham & Luddesdown 1385 dwellings & commercial Greenbelt area filling in the gap between the A289 and Gravesham’s boundary with Medway. A small part of this area behind the pub is in Shorne. This is everything, wrapped around the existing ‘hamlet’ of Three Crutches, between the Wainscott Northern Bypass (A289) and the Gravesham’s boundary with Medway, including Rochester United’s football ground. 
GBS-T Land between Lower Rochester Road, Hermitage Road and School Lane, Higham Higham 85 dwellings. Recreation Ground and adjoining field. 
GBS-W Land between Taylors Lane and School Lane, to the north of High View, Higham. Higham 250 dwellings. land north of High Field, between School Lane and Taylor’s Lane 
TOTAL 1770 houses


GB80 Land west of Walmers Avenue, Higham Shorne, Cobham & Luddesdown 40 dwellings. This is in Green Belt and adjoins parish boundary (Walmers Avenue) and the existing houses in Higham but field is in Shorne. 
TOTAL 40 houses