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Our beautiful fields could be turned into housing estates under proposals by Gravesham Borough Council.

Across Gravesham a staggering 3,790 houses are proposed which would swallow up 21 areas of precious Green Belt. These include:

1,705 houses in Meopham and Sole Street across NINE green sites

1,810 houses in Higham across SEVEN green sites

275 houses in Istead Rise across FIVE green sites

These proposed homes are set to house an extra 9,000 people in this borough alone.


The implications of doing nothing are…

  • Even longer waiting times for a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment.
  • Longer Hospital Waiting lists.
  • Your children could be allocated places in schools they do not want to attend.
  • Car journeys will take even longer, on the already congested A227, A226 and A2.
  • Our trains will be even more overcrowded.
  • More noise and pollution
  • Precious wildlife will be lost, and there will be less green, open, space to enjoy
  • Our villages will be merged together, into towns and their unique identities lost.

Gravesham Borough Council claims these extra 3,790 homes are needed to house a population that’s expected to burgeon over the next few years. However the projected figures they base this on are highly debatable.

There are also several brownfield sites in the borough that could be developed, saving our farmland and open spaces from destruction.

Even though we are in Lockdown and in the middle of a global pandemic, Gravesham Borough Council are continuing with this consultation. Even though many in the rural area are not online.

This consultation is threatening the fabric of our Villages and way of life. We are already set to lose so much to the Lower Thames Crossing. We need to draw the line NOW!

Our green, open spaces are vital for our mental health and wellbeing. We need them now more than ever.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

This map shows the 21 areas of Green Belt that will be hit by this mass development of 3,790 houses.

Taken from page 48 of the consultation document   (follow this link to GBC's website for the full document - 4.7MB!).

How you can help

To view the proposals look up ‘Local Plan’ on 

The consultation closed on 31st December 2020.


We raised £570 for the costs of running the campaign across Gravesham.  Thank you to all those who donated.

The money was spent on printing and buying some banners.  The JustGiving page is now closed.


We wrote some stuff on responding to the consultation which you can read here.


This issue (building on the Green Belt) is a national issue, that cannot be solved locally. Become a part of the national body fighting for an equitable solution for our Green Belt.

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